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Garden Lighting

Make Your garden Magical

We love our gardens during the day time, but when it gets dark we often head inside.

However, carefully installed lighting can not only extend the time you spend in the garden, but will transform it into a magical place with a very different appearance.

I can help you create a subtle lighting scheme for your garden, that creates atmosphere and enhances your planting and features. After dusk, you will be able to control what is seen in your garden, and make features (such as a beautiful tree or aan ornament) have a greater impact than during the day.

The trick is often to keep the light fittings as hidden as possible to avoid glare.

And remember, a little light goes a long way in the dark - a few carefully positioned lights can have an amazing impact. You don't need a large garden either - a bit of lighting in a small garden or even a yard can provide you with an enchanting nightime oasis.

Fortunately, modern LED lighting uses very little power, so your garden lighting won't cost much to run, nor have much environmental impact. I only use high quality installation materials, to help ensure a long-lasting installation even in our widely varying climate, although some maintenance may be required.

Do give me a call so that I can help you create some garden magic!

Illuminated Backyard Garden
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Garden Ambient Lighting
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