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Safe and Professional Installation of Garden Lighting and Power


I'm an electrician who loves gardening and working outdoors - at least most of the time!

In gardens, special consideration needs to be given to electrical safety issues and the resilience of fittings, given the wildly varying climatic conditions of Yorkshire.

So over the years I've built up expertise in a wide range of lighting and power solutions in many beautiful gardens and outdoor spaces.

Plant Selection

How I Can Help You

Garden Lighting

Make Your Garden Magical

Small amounts of well-placed light can make your garden a magical place after dusk.

Low-voltage, low-energy LED lighting is safer and greener.

garden lighting image 1.jpg

Wall, Security Lighting

Feel safer around the outside of your home and deter intruders

Carefully positioned lighting, with appropriate sensors and switching, can be one of the best ways to improve home security.

Outside lantern.jpg

Sheds, Summerhouses

Realise the potential of your

'She-shed' or 'Man-cave'!

There's the lights, the beer fridge, the music system, the fan ...


And they all need safely installed power and cabling.

Janet's summerhouse.jpg

Outdoor Power

Bring Power Safely into your Garden

Outdoor sockets can make maintenance tasks easier and safer - no more extension leads from the house.

outdoor outlet in the garden.jpg
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